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Avatar Rewatch
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What is this?
A community to rewatch Avatar: the Last Airbender during the endless months of no new canon.

Cool, can I join?

Even if I don't like Katara/Aang, Mai/Zuko or Sokka/Ladies?
Sure. We just want to make it clear that this is a pro-Aang/Katara and Mai/Zuko space. We think it's a big part of the canon and don't want to debate it.

I disagree!
That's fine; but a fair warning: you might not like it here if you disagree. zutara_rewatch MIGHT be the place for you, or atla_rewatch if that's not what you're looking for either. For the record, we're cool with those communities. We have our space, they have theirs.

How does it work?
Each Monday and Thursday, a_white_rain will post the title of the episode that we'll be discussing. You make a post with your reactions for the episode and squee and discussion will take place. Use the tags to organize your posts by episode and season.

Can I post the episode reactions at a later date?
Of course! This is a pretty laid-back community in that sense.

I have another question/complaint!
Direct them to here

Hey, you're biased!
Yes. We are. That's kind of the point. We wanted to discuss the show with like-minded fans who accept Aang/Katara (and to a lesser degree Mai/Zuko) as an integral part of the canon. It's cool if you disagree with us. Honestly. We're not going to bite you.

What are the rules?

  • Golden rule: treat each other with respect.

  • No character bashing. Katara is a cunt for being mean to Zuko is a no-no, Katara frustrates me because of how snippy she's being at Zuko is cool.

  • No ship bashing. There is a difference between Zutara is pointless and there is no reasonable reason why one would ship it and the likelihood of Zutara becoming canon is slim to none.

  • No spoilers in this community.

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